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General overview
  • Tuner2 is hand-picked Internet radio. Long live the human DJ!
  • Our Main directory let's you search by genre or type in your own search term.
  • The TunerMap, present on each page, let's you pan around and see what people are listening to around the world. Click on the marker for a listen event and the station name will appear at the bottom of the map. Click on the name to play the station.
  • You can also see a list of Top 50 artists played across all stations in Tuner2. Click on the artist to see a list of stations that have played that artist recently.
  • Still having problems? Did you try turning it on and off again?
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  • Safari 7 has the annoying problem of not allowing pls and m3u files to launch 3rd party apps. It wouldn't be that be a deal if they didn't also somehow break quicktime to fail to playback the contents of most streams. We will update you as soon as this is fixed. Until then, please use Chrome or Firefox.
  • Apple iTunes supports Tuner2 aacPlus streaming!
  • Download VideoLAN VLC for Mac OS X to get aacPlus v2 Stereo.
  • The VideoLAN project has a support forum you can visit for help.
  • Make sure you assign the .pls file extension to VLC. Once done, Safari will launch VLC directly when you use the Winamp directory.
  • How to assign pls to VLC: Save any .pls file to the desktop. Select it and edit properties using Command-I. In the dialog box, select "VLC" from the drop down menu under the "Open with:" tab. Click "Change All..." to make the association global. Now all pls files should open with VLC.
  • Shout-out to Kevin McCarthy and Eric Ortego for the following tip! To get Firefox to use VLC, there are a couple more steps. The first time you try to launch a .pls, it will ask if you want to use iTunes. Check the "do this everytime" box in the dialog and click OK. Quit iTunes (because it will fail to play). In Firefox, select Preferences->Content->Manage. You will see that .pls has been assigned to iTunes. Edit that entry with "Change Action..." and change the assignment to VLC. Voila. Now you can open VLC by default. A forum post related to this topic is here.
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